What our Clients say about us

“Many people came to me and asked who was the person who produced the art work. Hence I believe the objectives have been perfectly fulfilled. (…) I will recommend your services to any person or company who needs to share its vision with an international or a very diverse background community. I think that your very structured approach and your way of managing this project were very interesting and contributed greatly to this success. From an idea that had to be better defined and refined, your method made it possible to concretize things. Frequent returns have also allowed us to progress on a regular basis without much backlash.(…) thanks again for this great success we are all proud of.”

“Beaucoup sont venus vers moi pour me demander quelle était la personne qui en avait assuré la réalisation. Je pense donc que  les objectifs ont été parfaitement remplis. Je recommanderai vos services à toute personne ou entreprise qui aurait besoin de faire passer des messages à une communauté internationale mais aussi à la culture très diverse. Je pense que votre approche très structurée et votre manière de gérer ce projet furent très intéressantes et ont participé grandement à cette réussite. A partir d’une idée qui restait à être mieux définie et affiner, votre méthode a permis de concrétiser les choses. Les retours fréquents que nous avons eus ont permis également de progresser de façon régulière.”
Nicole J. CEO Energy & Resources Worldwide – Food service and facility management MNCs

“I am so happy about the Mural, Lots of hard work but oh so fun.”
Mara McAdams – M.D. Associate Dean, Student Affairs & Alumni Relations

“We need more art in our Medical practice”
Casey, Patrick J – Senior Vice Dean, Duke NUS Medical School

“Amazing project, thank you for organizing. I feel so much school pride and closeness to the Duke-NUS community every time I walk past it!”
Qi T. – Medical Student

“We are so happy. Can you help us find the artist for our next art residency”
Ri Chang – Co-Founder of TEDxPickeringStreet.

With her very strong articulation between her creative right brain and her structured left brain, AL has been able to support our team not only during the ideation phase but also during the moments we needed focus. She inspires by action and is always motivated to find a solution to any kind of situation. She is a very truth worthy individual and a happy personality that facilitates a moving forward attitude within the people she works with. And she has a amazing network!
Alexandre Linnert and Bernhard Schwarz – Co-Founders of Sunshine Nation.