Imagine turning your people into a key resource for creativity and innovation!

You know that people are your organization’s most valuable resource. And they’re even more powerful when they’re organized into an internal community of creative, empathetic leaders.

  • Leaders that inspire real, human connections.
  • Leaders who collaborate and listen better to each other and to their clients.
  • Leaders who are 100% aligned behind your strategic decision and take ownership for your big vision and your innovation at EVERY LEVEL of your organization.

That’s we specialize in: we design and facilitate collective art experiences that energise employees and align them behind your strategic decision as well as promote behaviors that lead to more creativity and innovation.

Students Wellness and Leadership training to:
– Help the students work together,  build their sense of belonging and vision of what it means to be a Duke NUS Medical students and future doctor
– Connect students, alumni, staff, management and bring vibrancy to the building

– 90% of the participants shared they “feel more Duke NUS” after the artistic experience and 74% felt more creative.
– The online and offline participative mechanism we created brought the participation from 15 to 157 people.
– We facilitated the emergence of the theme, the composition and the execution of the collective art piece to create a 6m long Mural in the Atrium of the main building.

If you want to see this collective art experience in action, it is HERE.


Case Study 2: IMI17
IMI Festival, a new one-of-a-kind tech/art/music /talks experience, aims to provide an immersive and participative experience to its community to explore what it means to be human in our era of technology. IMI asked us to
– Help refine its concept and its strategy
– Design the content curation for the talks and for the art installations
Design the immersive and collective experience to engage festival-goers with interactive art installations and cutting-edge tech showcase.

– 3 educational organisations – Nanyang Polytechnic, Lasalle, MeshMinds – 2 private sponsors – GrabPay, Leica – 19 artists and 3 facilitators came together to provide a full day immersive, digital and participatory art experience,  over a 330 sqm space
2,500 people enjoyed the 1st edition of the IMI festival.
– We designed and facilitated the interactive art area, where each art piece was operated only through the engagement of the festival participants.