We can help you inspire and communicate better your identity and values to your event attendees or your visitors, potential clients and future hires visiting your work environment. Bringing art in your workplace, watching an art piece in the making will emphasize the importance you place in staying creative. Each day, by its presence in the workplace, the art work will keep on reminding the importance of creativity.

Case Study 1: TEDxPickering street
For the first ever bilingual (English-Chinese) TEDx event in Singapore, TEDxPickering street wanted to stage to embody “Pathway of life”, the theme of the TEDx.

– Together with Kirsty Furniss, we have been the first Artists In Residence of the TEDxAIR programme at TEDxPickeringStreet.
– We created the concept, partnered with Matter Prints, a clothing social enterprise, and a Clothing industry consultant and produced the Art installation to set the ideal stage for 8 TEDx talks.
– We shared our journey with the public through a TEDx talk and an activation and we eventually sourced for artists for TEDxPickeringstreet next edition!


Sunshine nation, Singapore based events company, has been fostering its own orbiting leisure community. For one of their feature events series, Garden Beats, they wanted art and design to work together to inspire the public and share the company brand identity in the concerts field.

–  5,000 people have been experiencing the installations and paintings created for the successive editions of the Garden Beats festival.                                                                     – The artwork gives a unique flavour to the festival as it is designed to be participative. It contributes to make the festival a special moment, a place where the public is welcome to become an active creator.