Anne Laure started her journey as an engineer, working with NGOs and local populations in South America and Africa. She worked in the emergency and development fields keen to find solutions where people are facing some of the most challenging social and environmental issues. Always curious about people and organisations going through transformation, She then worked in Europe as a change management consultant, supporting MNCs through their business transformation.
Moving to Asia, she merged her passion for technology with her passion for people. She became the first Community and Program Manager of Impact Hub Singapore, Singapore’s largest cowoking community and Google for Entrepreneurs’ first tech hub partner in SEA.
AL has been elected one of the 10 best Community Builders of Tech Ecosystem in South East Asia in 2017. 

Her work was featured at ArtScience Museum beginning of this year. She is now finding the perfect alignment in all her interests, at the intersection of Innovation, Art, Nature, Employees engagement and Community building. She designs collective art experiences and large scale installations as the ultimate tool to energise and engage employees and build communities. She loves collaborating with all sort of people as she believes “each person is a special kind of artist”.
If you want to see what she is doing right now, here you go.